Caitlyn Jenner in Her Porsche GT3RS

Caitlyn Jenner in Her Porsche GT3RS

Caitlyn Jenner has been in the news for becoming the women she was supposed to be. Bu that doesn’t mean she has changed much on in the inside. Here you see her getting in of her Porsche GT3RS.

This Porsche is the new 911 GT3 RS, a sports car breaks boundaries an experience we have no intention of keeping from you.

Motorsport technology in its purist form is epitomized by the front wheel arch air outlets of the lightweight carbon fenders. With 12 slats, they provide an efficient exit for the air drawn into the front wheel arches. This reduces the overpressure created by the turning wheels and thereby counters lift. It’s an aerodynamic detail with road approval, otherwise found only on racing cars like the RS Spyder.

The result is extra down force, generated together with the aerodynamically styled front end and the 911 GT3 RS-specific front spoiler.

At the limit, the air rapidly thins out. That’s why the new 911 GT3 RS has two air intake openings for the engine – on the left and right in the rear side sections.

At the rear, the new 911 GT3 RS is muscular in appearance, aggressively so when seen from the side. The 21-inch wheels on the rear axle not only improve the footprint, traction and lateral dynamics, they also help to provide a slight forward pitch, which hints at the car’s hunger for acceleration.

Another unique characteristic of the new 911 GT3 RS is the surface contouring of its lightweight magnesium roof and carbon luggage compartment lid.

The cooling air intake grilles are coated in titanium color. The carbon rear lid has wing uprights in forged aluminum and a rear wing, also made from carbon.

The indicators, daytime running lights and position lights are designed with LED technology. The Sport Design exterior mirrors embody lightweight construction. The rear silencer in titanium is characteristic.

Each aerodynamic measure works in harmony with the customary Porsche motorsport design to form a functional unit: a high level of down force and a high degree of driving stability.