In this segment of our car buying guide, lets take a moment and review your notes and observations about your ‘Perfect Car’. Given the fact that a true perfect may be rare. Lets begin going over the list of items you found that need attention or repair. I would suggest you separate items you wish to address into different categories, and then go down the line item by item.

If there are switches or knobs that are missing or inoperative, a simple solution might be available? However if you have discovered the heater doesn’t seem to blow hot air, or the air conditioning system doesn’t blow cold air. These can or may be areas of costly and expensive repairs.

The suggestion at this point again is: A well organized representation of repair issues will always get you better results than rambling on and on and will be much easier to re-address if they aren’t taken care of per your requests: Sit down, and write everything down in order on your list. If you feel the vehicle pulls to the right or left while you were driving.

This may be an easy fix, by adding proper air pressure to a tire? On the other hand it could be several items: A front–end alignment, tire or tread separation. Keep in mind any condition where the vehicle is operating improperly, May often give symptoms similar to other issues. This may take several different examinations or diagnosis to pinpoint the problem or determine exactly what the repair will entail. The best place to begin with an estimate for repair is the actual dealership that sells this model as a new vehicle. In other words a good recommendation is always take it to the dealer for at least a diagnosis and estimate.

New car dealerships have factory-trained technicians that are up to date on most every mechanical segment. Service departments have technicians that specialize in different repairs: Transmissions, electrical, heavy line; (Heavy Line) means the actual removal and tear down of the complete engine assembly. A proper estimate conducted by a factory-authorized dealer and service department should cost you in the area of: (1) one hour of flat rate time. Dealership have a flat rate range of $65.00 to $120.00 per hour. Depending on the symptoms.

Note: Electrical issues and problems are the most expensive repairs to diagnose properly. Electrical issues can be a trial and error process. ALWAYS’: Get it in writing, Never assume or guess when it comes to auto repairs. The bureau of automotive repair in all states requires: Everything in writing. In the area of dents and scratches that might be necessary. Your should investigate the possibility of (Pointless Dent Repair) because a vehicle has a parking lot or door dent. It isn’t always necessary to have a costly and often unsatisfactory repainting or spot paint done to the vehicle.

Most dealers will tell you during this process: “Oh that’s easy to take care of don’t worry about that” My answer to that is: If it was so easy then why wasn’t it taken care of before you offered the vehicle for sale, first? Getting ALL agreements with the seller in writing is the only way you should proceed from this point on.

Our next segment will discuss: Insurance quotes and prices. How to shop for new insurance and possible coverage you might want to consider?