Learn More about the Vehicle History and Service records


Before you go any further with the purchase of your future ’ Perfect vehicle’. There are very important steps Before you do anything else. Lets first understand the importance of knowing your perspective vehicles past history. There are more then enough proven ways to protect your self when investigating the past history of a vehicle. In this section we will discuss the ways you can successfully accomplish this without too much difficulty.

The first step in this important process is: Ask the dealer for a copy of the safety check. Note: Consumer law in all states requires a safety check, before a dealer may offer a vehicle for sale. The safety check or repair order, will have an itemized list of repairs recommended by the technician and the actual repairs that were preformed.

If the vehicle is a Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford or whatever make or model the vehicle may be? If you are buying a Chevrolet, from a Chevrolet Dealership. The dealer has the ability to provide you with a copy of the Service History. In other words what warranty repairs were preformed by the previous owner-s and what was the actual previous service history of the vehicle. All automobile manufactures keep extremely accurate service records that pertain to a specific vehicle repairs and recall. This insures against possible liability down the road do to, recall and against several forms of fraud.

If your perspective vehicle is offered by a (Private Party) seller. You may ask to see their service records as well? Ask them: If they purchased it New or used? Try to determine how many owners the vehicle has had. A long list of owners is a sure sign this vehicle has experienced, a previous or a general lack of maintenance. Ask specific questions, concerning oil changes, brake replacement, transmission service etc.

Step. 2

There are several established Internet companies that can provide a complete and mostly accurate way of determining a vehicles past or previous history. We recommend you first try: www.carfax.com, which is a supporter of this particular web site. Most dealers offer CarFax reports as a free service to the customer. If the seller doesn’t offer a history report? CarFax offers a report for about $14.00. Not too expensive, when you consider how much it might save you in the long run? A related Google search will provide you with a possible 44,000 related links to the subject of vehicle history. These sites will provide relatively accurate information of the vehicles history. Things we feel you should look out for: Most definitely, reports of:

1. Reported automobile accidents:

2. Body shop repair orders: Frame damage, Flood damage, and any body damage reported. These will be available only if the repair facility was an on-line reporting facility. Insurance company’s do however report to these vehicle history services regularly when they have a claim against the insured’s vehicle

3. Accident reports are a matter of public record and reported by all public agencies dealing with motor vehicles, i.e. Highway patrol, City police, County Sheriff, FBI, National auto theft agencies etc.

4. Mileage statements. These should be in sequence with nothing reported that would indicate the mileage went in reverse?…….. Enough said on this statement!

5. Lists the different vehicle transfers, by previous owners, including auto dealers and auto auctions.

We strongly recommend www.Carfax.com while there are many to choose from. Carfax is a highly recognized company with a good track record in this area.

Important notice: If the existence of Frame damage or Flood damage occurs on the vehicle report:
MOVE-ON NOW! There is nothing that a vehicle can sustain like these two issues that will destroy the reliability and future value of a vehicle. Frame damage will always compromise the future value and safe operation of a vehicle. Either repaired or not. Repaired Frame no matter what, will ever restore the vehicle in an original condition, no matter how skilled the repair…. Stay away at all cost!

Flood Damage, is exactly what it states: The vehicle was in a flood. A Flood damaged vehicle is a complete of nightmares to come. Once a vehicle has been in a flood, everything including the engine, transmission, wiring what ever? Is totally compromised and will never be repaired to an original condition.

Note: Selling Flood or Frame damaged vehicles without a complete disclosure is unlawful and an outright ‘Fraud’ punishable in a civil and criminal courts of law.

In our next segment we will discuss the Proper way to inspect and test-drive a vehicle. Armed with a complete vehicle history report and a proper inspection and test drive you are well on you way to the ‘Perfect Car” for you!