1. Obviously the only reason to sell your car or vehicle yourself is to get more money for it.

2. Many people fancy themselves as being an extraordinary car shopper. Selling your vehicle yourself gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these folks.

3. Many people insist on buying a used vehicle from a private party, rather then a dealer.

4. If you play your cards right you can get a Retail price, over a wholesale price. Wholesale value or usually Less, is what you should realistically expect if you trade-in your vehicle.

5. Walking into a dealership with cash money available, instead of a trade-in, makes the negotiation process go much easier. Without a trade-in that is one less area that might get in the way of making a deal.

6. Dealers recognize the ease of doing an automobile sale when the customer doesn’t have a trade-in. They are usually more agreeable taking of accepting your offer in this instance. Not always but in 35 years I have never seen it any other way!


1. Running an advertisement in the local newspaper or on-line services for car sales. Will cost you time and money.

2. Dealing with the payoff at your lender. Auto loans or lenders: Only except cashiers checks or cash…Do you have enough to payoff your vehicle yourself?

3. A private party buying you car, might need to arrange for financing before they can complete a transaction. This might take a week or two IF they are approved for financing.

4. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide a Smog certificate, something every automobile transaction requires, and no matter how many times a vehicle is sold and transferred.

5. Sometimes creepy people show up at your door or call all hours of the day or night. If you don’t go on the test drive and the person doesn’t come back with your car. You may not be able to report it as stolen for 72 hours, because you gave them permission to take it! If they get into an accident, chances are you will be responsible for liability, in most cases if not all cases!

6. There are people that have nothing better to do then shop for cars hoping that someone will be foolish and sell theirs in desperation. Rather then hold out and stick to their plan.