Take your pick? Regardless if it’s a New or Used car, SUV, Truck or Van? You probably have something in mind already? Like taking a test, often your first answer is the most correct. If you have seen on your way to and from, several models or perhaps one that seems to attract your attention more then the others? Chances are the people who are driving your ‘perfect car’ have already done the majority of the homework for you already? The automobile industry is one of the purest examples of supply side economics you will ever find. If you seem to notice an abundance of a particular make or model, you are very close to the correct answer already.

Automobile manufacturers tend to make more of the models that create a demand then models that have poor sales results and tend to sit in dealer inventory. The same holds true for the similar model in a used vehicle. Unless it is a brand new model that has tons of advertising to announce the introduction of a new model. This is intended to grab the buying public's imagination? As a general rule, these models while hot at the outset will Always cool down in demand, usually when the price out weighs or exceeds the demand.

Once again supply side economics takes effect.

Getting back to choosing the perfect car for you. After you have decided on a particular model, why not visit a dealership and go for a test drive, they are free? Dealers like to say, “ A good demonstration drive, is the first taste of ownership”. Considering you may have a personal and financial commitment to your perfect car for several years to come. Why not make sure you are comfortable driving the car before you make your final decision? After your demonstration ride, ask to drive another vehicle of the same model. Test-driving several vehicles of the same model will give you the entire feel for the vehicle you will need to make before your final decision. One thing to keep in mind, don’t buy the first car that catches your eye. Dealers make more money on the “ Impulse buyer” than anyone else. Take your time and look around, possibly for a few days if necessary? It is always better to be safe then sorry. Please note: Never ever; go car shopping alone! An old saying “ There is strength in numbers” is absolutely and completely true, when it comes to buying a car! Dealers refer to your support group or people as your; 2nd and 3rd baseman. A formidable obstacle for a dealer to over come when you sit down and begin barging.

I would recommend you do this before you make your final decision and that all important purchase. Go to www.Google.com or your favorite search engine.

Type in: Automobile Comparisons, there are several to choose from: Edmunds.com etc. there are 20 on the first page and another 496,000 links available. Most are not all of them dealing, with Automobiles and different ways to compare them?